The 3 benefits of flexible chain rings

You might not be used to flexible chain rings, which is a ring made like a link chain. It’s flexible and so confortable to wear, not hard like a regular ring.

I decided to create flexible chain rings for 3 advantages that you can discover below.

Plum Jewelry flexible link rings made of solid gold 10k

So comfortable to wear

Thanks to its lightness and adaptability to your finger's shape it makes the ring so confortable to wear.

A typical ring can, at times, dig into your finger while doing a task.  A flexible ring eliminates this problem as it flexs easily and won't dig in.

Louise, cable chain stackable ring, solid gold 10k, Plum Jewelry

Wear your ring all the time, even with swelling finger

It happens to all of us, during summer time with hot days, we tend to have our fingers to swell a little. With a rigid ring, it can be hard to put it or take it off. On the contrary, with a chain ring, the 1-2mm gap to your finger allows to wear it all the time, and not to feel pressure on your finger.

Gaelle chain pearl ring, Plum Jewelry, solid gold 14k

Stack as many chain rings as you want! Let's get creative

Chain rings can be stacked endlessly, thanks to their lightness and minimalist style. It's amazing how you can stack 3 to 4 rings and the different styles of chain look stylish and as unique as you.

Pick your perfect size and treat yourself for one of these little golden treasures.

I'll let you discover my chain ring collection, and if you need help finding your perfect size, I have a little guide to help you out.

And don't worry, with a good sizing, you won't lose your ring, since your ring phalanx will stop the ring from falling.

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