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3 steps to the perfect minimalist look

Everyone has their own definition of a successful minimalist look. For us, a minimalist look is interesting if it is elegant and very structured, "effortless chic". And it comes down to very few things. Here are our tips and steps to the perfect minimalist look.

Impeccable AND structured cuts

We are obsessed about the cuts of clothes and for us a minimalist look is successful when the clothes fall perfectly. Also pay attention to the killer detail : a poorly cut garment with poor finishes (fraying hem, unraveling seams, cheap buttons, etc.) can quickly ruin everything when you want to look good with basics.

Do not hesitate to update the shapes by mixing slim and oversized cuts (tight at the bottom and wide at the top, or vice versa) or to create movement with flowing materials, it's very pretty too!

Also, we really like sober pieces with an unexpected or asymmetrical detail or cut (ruffled top, shoulder pads, etc.) when it comes to creating minimalist looks, like the Scandinavian style. If you are familiar with the COS brand, you certainly know what I am talking about! The brand offers basics designed in beautiful materials but manages to surprise with original cuts.

Beautiful materials only

Minimalist look equal to a look with basics but be careful with the materials! A minimalist look with synthetic clothes is not really elegant, on the contrary. Choose your basics well and to favor natural materials such as wool, cashmere or cotton for a harmonious result and to give relief to your outfits. For fluid pieces such as blouses, there is not only silk. You can opt for ecological artificial materials such as lyocell (silk feel) or even cupro (which is more of a summer material, however).

The detail that hits the mark

If an ugly detail can kill a minimalist look, a detail that hits the mark can on the contrary make it look amazing! It could be bright lipstick, cute minimalist jewelry, a trendy bag, sunglasses or a hat.

Here are 4 minimalist pieces of jewelry that you can choose to add the finishing touch for your everyday outfits :

1- Olivia - Figaro silver 925 bracelet 

2- Eve - thin chain ring

3- Anna - solid gold hoop earrings 

4- Deana - thin light rectangular chain gold necklace

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