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My love/hate relationship with social media, how about you?

I recently decided to change Plum Jewelry blog content in order to make it more personal, sharing my entrepreneurial journey with you, with the ups and down!

I wanted to share my love/hate relationship with social media, or as Facebook relationship status will say, "It's complicated". As you can imagine, it's a bit of a challenge when developing a business, since online presence is essentiel for marketing and sales. 

The first decision I took was to focus on two platforms : Facebook and Instagram and develop a calendar of content. It is working, slowly, but patience and perseverance are key in the process. I also decided to post only once a week for regularity and be sure to share quality content with all of you!

One of the mistake I made is hiring a marketing agency too soon to delegate the management of social media . I immediately stopped after one month. A little advice: if you're starting a new business, or are in an early stage, wait a couple months to 2 years before hiring any marketing agency.

My second decision was to have a cut off time, like a time limit per day to disconnect from my phone, and let my creativity express itself. I am trying to let go of my addiction that many of us feel with social media, with these negative habits to scroll down over and over to get new content.

A third and last decision was to only use Plum Jewelry Instagram and Facebook accounts, while my personal account is private and 100% inactive since it cannot be deleted because my business account depends on it.

I think there are steps we can take to create healthier technology habits, see things through a new lens, take our power back, and learn to use these apps in a different manner, and I’ll be exploring this topic more, as I think it’s very important in this age of technology.

Reducing our social media use might not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is.

At last, as an entrepreneur, my goal is not to have millions of followers, but to build a strong community, which recognizes itself through Plum Jewelry values, messages and branding.

I'm not sure sharing my journey with social media interested you, but do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this new form of newsletter, I'll gladly share a "real" coffee on Zoom with you!

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