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What determines the price of a piece of jewelry?

Have you ever wondered why jewels vary that much in prices? In fact, the answer lies in 3 simple factors : materials, hand workforce and uniqueness. There is so much more than what you can see with your eyes hidden in those tiny precious pieces of joy and elegance. 

Are you curious yet? Let’s dive in! 

On the material side

This includes all the raw materials that were used to make your jewelry. For example, one of the main criteria taken into account when deciding the price of a diamond is the carat. No matter what type of jewelry you want to buy, the weight of a diamond determines its price. The price of a diamond varies depending on the carat weight. You can find diamonds at affordable prices regardless. The weight of the jewel may change depending on the style of the piece. The more volume you want a diamond, the more you are likely to pay more for your diamond ring or earring.

And it also works in the same way for gold jewels. 

On the hand workforce side

The price of a piece of jewelry is also determined by the labor that was used to create it. The jeweler’s expertise and his creativity are his best assets. It’s also what determines the price you pay for your precious accessories. 

Often, handmade and custom jewelry pieces are overpriced. At Plum, we decided to think the other way around. Fine customizable jewelry should not be out of reach, that's why we offer must-have pieces at fair prices. 

On the unique side

Finally, uniqueness is certainly one of the factors to be considered in order to establish the price of a jewel. Beyond the creativity of the jeweler, the fact of wearing a unique jewel adds to the feeling of pride and demonstrates an emotional attachment to the artist.

Through its creations, Plum proposes its vision of elegance: fine design and quality materials. Most importantly, we want you to be able to express your uniqueness, style and personality by customizing our pieces without paying traditional costs.

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