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Your guide to gifting a jewel to someone you love

Kimberly, a dear customer, recently bought 6 rings to give as gifts to her bridesmaids. Aurélie, the owner of Plum, accompanied her in her process of choosing the ring model and she also guided her to choose the right sizes for each bridesmaid. It was an easy and smooth process to make sure the jewels fit perfectly.

Since we want you to feel the same smooth experience, here are 4 tips to gifting a jewel to someone you love.

1- Determine your budget

As with any gift, the first step is to define how much you are able to pay for the jewel. So if you have an idea of how much you want to put in this gift, what are your lowest and highest points. Then you will already know which way to go. It’s a priority for us at Plum to offer a fair price so you can choose a high quality jewel without financial stress. 

2- How are you related to this special someone?

Who would you like to give a piece of jewelry to: your wife, your mom, your teenager, your best friend? To choose the right piece of jewelry, you will need to take that into account. By offering a piece of jewelry, what is your desire? To prove your love to your other half? Show your mom how much she means to you? Make your teen happy? Give a nice attention to your friend? All great answers!

3- What is her age?

Of course, you won't give the same piece of jewelry to a 15 year old teenager as to your grandmother. Considering the age of the person receiving this gift is therefore very important. Your daughter will be delighted to be offered a funky jewel (perhaps this one) when her grandmother will no doubt prefer a jewel in a more elegant style (like this one).

4- What occasion would you like to highlight?

Are you going to give a piece of jewelry for a special occasion? The style but also the value you put in this gift may indeed vary depending on whether it is a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a Valentine's Day gift, etc. If you are very close to the person to whom you intend it, you can even offer one of our personalized jewels.

No matter to who or for what occasion, choosing to gift a jewel is always an amazing idea. Please contact us if you need support with your next gift.

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