About Plum Jewelry

High quality and fair prices

A brand that appreciates beauty in diversity, Plum Jewelry offers an exclusive line of designer jewelry lovingly handcrafted by yours truly. Each customizable piece aims to be as unique as its wearer, allowing you to be as free and confident as you can be. Taking inspiration from the elegance found in simplicity, I create the finest, most delicate bijouteries that empower the women of modern society. I'm here to help you visualize your dream jewelry with designs that exemplify timeless classics and contemporary beauty, seeking to captivate the hearts of many. Every design makes a statement that translates to sophistication, hoping to bring a serene smile to everyone that wants to take a glimpse of luxury. 

As a wife and a working mom with a full-time day job, I understand how difficult it is to find the time to accessorize for myself. That’s why each piece is designed and made with your comfort in mind, combining style with functionality that lasts for a lifetime. Every accessory is made with passionate care to add a touch of shine and sparkle to your day-to-day life. Creating jewelry, for me, is a therapy that brings peace of mind, allowing me to cut out the noise and reconnect with myself. Always taking your satisfaction to heart, just the thought of creating jewelry that makes you happy is enough to complete my day. May you find pleasure in Plum Jewelry’s timeless collection as much as I enjoy making each piece for you!