About Plum Jewelry

High quality and fair prices

Through its creations, Plum Jewelry proposes its vision of elegance: fine and delicate design with high quality materials (solid gold 10k-14k, sterling silver 925).

For me, jewelry is something that most women and men wear every day in some form or another. But its importance goes further than just accessorising an outfit. In fact, much of the jewelry worn has sentimental meanings.

Jewelry brings us confidence, empowerment and style. That's why I decided to create unique timeless pieces that let you express your personality and style without paying traditional costs.

You can customize each piece in terms of materials, sizes and add-ons such as birthtones.

I create all the jewelry by hand in Montreal QC, and I ship them within the next 48-hours worldwide (tracking number provided).

A little about me, I'm Lilie, a 33 years old happy mother of a little boy, passionate about jewelry, design and aromatherapy. I started Plum Jewelry in 2018 on Etsy, and as the business grew, I launched my e-store in 2021.